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Karah and the 1959 Silvertone Medalist Stereo


The photos below are of Karah with the 1959 Silvertone Medalist Stereo, this wonderful model has Cabinetry that was made by Curtis Mathes. The speakers were also hand made by Curtis Mathes for this Silvertone Stereo.




Above is Karah and her 1959 Silvertone Stereo, with the cabinet made for Sears Silvertone by Curtis Mathes. 


Below is a wonderful video of a Silvertone...


Below is a Sears Silvetone 8070 FM Stereo Radio Hi Fi the cabinet was made by Curtis Mathes for Sears.

The photo below shows another view of a Silvertone stereo in a cabinet made by Curtis Mathes for Sears Silvertone.


The photo below is one of an earlier Silvertone, the cabinet was designed by Mathes Hi Fi back in the early days. 

This is a vintage mid-century Sears Silvertone Stereo with a FM & AM Deluxe radio system. This cabinet was also designed and built by Curtis Mathes for Sears Silvertone.