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The wonderful Mathes Fans and Coolers the start of an era.

These two beautiful Mathes Cooler were saved and restored by Mike Feuerborn, His Beautiful Restoration of a Mathes Cooler Fans just shows what can be done with an American classic.

 In the video below is Grantley Waters and his restored 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan in a Wooden Cabinet

The two photos  below are of a very cool MATHES electric fan, Eames era, deco styling, works incredible, quiet and with super airflow and in great condition wood top, brushed aluminum louvered sides, 10" deep  16" wide  18" tall 


She is very well made, with clean lines..a real made in Texas Beauty.

 The Mathes Cooler Fans were all built to last, and last.


Grantley Waters and his restoration of a 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan.

 The three photos below are of Jim Snelling's wonderful cooler made 1948 by the  Mathes Cooler Fan Company in Texas.

Top of the line model. This is truly a great Mathes Fan. Congregation on saving this American Made treasure.

 A true make in Texas all American made Treasure.

Jim said: "It works great and looks good in our living room.  We use it to escort the cool air out of the family room into the kitchen when we're cooking." The All American Way to cool a home was with a Mathes Cooler Fan made in Texas.

A very nice speed control on the Mathes Cooler model 492. They just do not make fans like this awesome cooler anymore. She is a real beauty.

Mathes Cooler model 492 a very nice fan for her day!


 The three photo above and the one below is of a Mathes Cooler Model 492 which is a nice large Electric Fan with variable speed control and a very nice wood cabinet with a wonderful metal grill. She has the original coarboard box and is great condition for her age. Looks not to have the original screws. She has a HI and LO selector but you can choose any speed between those (it is not about two speeds it is about a lot of speeds to choose from).

The photo below is of a very nice Mathes Cooler Fan with wooden slates.

Rayelenn Sparks Casey of Lancaster Pennsylvania remembers the Mathes cooler fan of her childhood: “When I was a child, my mother used to buy a bale of hay and tie it somehow to the fan which she stood in the window backwards, sucking air in from the outside. She used to go out and pour buckets of water on the bale of hay, and run the fan backwards to get some cooler air into the sultry hot rooms at night….. Pre-air-conditioning….” Thank you Rayelenn for sharing; Your mother was a wise person to do this because it really does work very nicely in hot summer days. . In the early days the Curtis Mathes Plants at Athens, Dallas, and Houston were cooled by huge Mathes Fans in a manner similar to what your mother did. But the cooling towers were made of wood and water was dripped down on the wooden sides of the towers from which the fans would pull the water cooled air into the plants.  

It was following World War II that George Curtis Mathes named his company Mathes Coolers. They manufactured fans, evaporative coolers, and room air conditioners, the first popular line of these products offered in Texas, and later in the western United States. He also manufactured furniture by contract and high quality cabinetry for his own products.

 Six hour test run of a restored 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan.

The photos above and  below are of a very sweet original 4 speed Mathes Cooler wood case fan in wonderful working condition. This fan measures 19' wide 15' tall and 8'' deep. The fan runs quite on all 4 speeds as she still has the original motor. All adjustable fins are still attached and are in good condition. The wooden case has wear marks but is still very tight and strong.

This wonderful Mathes cooler in the photo below has variable speed control, like a dimmer switch, no clicks in the switch knob, very nice adjustments. She has smooth variable speed control. This is model # 492 and is a really nice example of a Mathes Cooler. She measures 18 inches wide.

The photo below is a really good example the the Model number # 532, it is a 1.35amp with 4 speeds. The cabinet is mahogany. A Cadillac among fans in its day, this one still evidences of that fact by how incredibly smooth and solid this Mathes Cooler runs after 55 or more years of service. The switch in nice and tight, and all four speeds work well. I real made in Texas classic, not like the cheap made in China junk you find today.

The four photos below are of Alison Thompson  Beautiful Mathes Cooler Fan.

Above is the front and below is the back.

They just do not make these beautiful fans anymore, anywhere.


Photo below is of an antique brown Mathes Cooler fan on four legs, she has  front fins that move in the direction that you need.  You can also set the fan on a table without the legs or you can have it standing.  The fan does work like the day she was made!!


Mike Feuerborn Beautiful Restoration of a Mathes Cooler Fan

Just look at this wonderful restoration. Mike Feuerborn has done two beautiful restorations on Mathes Cooler Fans, thanks to men like him a wonderful world of Cooler fan history and amazement is being saved for future generations.

It is hard to believe that the Mathes Fan above once looked like the Cooler Fan below, but that was what she looked like when Mike got her.


With a great deal of skill and love the beauty can be brought back to these wonderful old girls.

It is folks like Mike that give us hope for the future by saving parts of our past for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

Mathes Cooler Fan Restoration by Grantley Waters.

This is a Mathes Cooler Fan that Grantley Waters is doing a restoration on.

She is a  1947 Mathes Cooler Fan in a Wooden Cabinet,  with the original  Electric Fan and motor.

This is a great restorations project for a young person to work on.  Working on one of these can teach someone about Fans, Moters, and how Electric Fans work.

The Mathes Company Later became Curtis Mathes,Made in the USA, Made in Texas, The Mathes Company had plants in Athens,Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth back in the golden age when American made stuff. The first thing Grantley did was to take the back off and do a good cleaning.

 A little hard work and cleaning can give your Mathes Cooler Fan new life.

 t is a labor of love, and a piece of American history,as well as a part of our nations pride.

It is well worth the effort to keep these American made fans going for the next generation to enjoy and appreciate.


 The links below are of Grantley's videos of his work on this model:

 Grantley Waters and his restoration of a 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan. http://youtu.be/JSShvzmfzEw

Grantley Waters and his restoration of a 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan part two. http://youtu.be/LfDCOjtRgeA

Grantley Waters and the six hour test run of the 1947 Mathes Cooler http://youtu.be/C5WgMbkbhQU

Grantley Waters and his restored 1947 Mathes Cooler Fan in a Wooden Cabinet http://youtu.be/faolfQ0LCYc

 A very nice Mathes Cooler Fan Model 544 box fan. With a high and low switch. Works wonderfully despite being 60 years old.

Has a very cool Box design kind of modern Danish.