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Curtis Mathes  Camcorders and Video Cameras.

Curtis Mathes produced some of the worlds best Camcorders back in the golden age of VHS technology.


Presented a 1985 Curtis Mathes MV-800 VHS camera. This is an old style VHS camera that weighs approximately 8.5 lbs.

Built in microphone, swivel/pivoting eyepiece, Auto-focus and TV zoom lens, VCR player when hooked up to TV.

Accessories included are pause/record remote, A/V adapter, A/V cord, RF and other TV hook-up adapters, power adapter/battery charger, two 12V2.0AH battery packs, shoulder strap for camera, shoulder strap for case.

The hard-shell case is a thing of beauty.

They will never make these beautiful cameras again, truly an amazing piece of American History.

The workmanship and craftsmanship that went into this model is wonderful