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A 1961 Curtis Mathes Stereo console model the Provincial, that is in excellent cosmetic condition.

The sound is fabulous it has a 3-way speaker system featuring 12" woofers on each side. You can even hook an iPod to it …

It features the 30c amp chassis and uses 4 EL-84/6bq5 output tubes the sound is wonderful.

The record player is the upscale Curtis Mathes design. This unit has an all solid wood real walnut finish.


This is a very elegant console in the French Provincial design. She has a much more spacious cabinet than her smaller sister, "The Burgundy"...

She comes with a turntable and a stereo FM and AM radio, and she has huge speakers and plenty of storage room.

They really put a lot of fine detail into this model.

Hand wired chassis and had made speakers made in Texas by folks who really cared about the finished product.

Only the finest, and  best hard woods went into the cabinet of this model.

The chassis has stood the test of time and works as good today as it did fresh from the assembly line in Texas back in 1961.

It is all in the details, and the expert hand-wiring and design.