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Past Television Manufacturers in USA Marketplace

Posted by Glenn Edward Waters III on January 14, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Television Manufacturers in USA Marketplace

From 1939 until today, there have been over 220 television set manufacturers that made sets in & for the USA market. The list below shows the major TV manufacturers. Those highlighted in blue are present day companies making TV sets in the United States of Amreica. As you can see, no more televisions are made in the USA.

Manufacturer Years of TV-set Production

Admiral 1947- 1979

Advent (now Chinese owned) 1975 to date

Andrea 1947-1978

Base 1947-1965

Calbest 1947-1968

Capehart 1947-1965

Certified Radio Labs 1947-1966

Clairetone 1967

Colonial Radio (Sylvania) 1949-1983

Color Electronics 1964

Conar 1962

Cortron Ind (Hoffman) 1948-1970

Curtis-Mathes 1960 to date

Delmonico 1967

DuMont 1938-early 1970s (later sets were made by Emerson)

Emerson 1947-1973

Farnsworth 1947-1965

Fujitsu 1992 to date

General Electric 1947-1986

Goldstar 1983

Harvey Ind. 1989

Heath - Heathkit 1964-1989

Hitachi 1975 to date

Hoffman (Cortron Ind) 1948-1970

Howard Radio (Muntz) 1948-1973

Jensen 2003 to date

JVC 1976 to date

Kane Electronics 1967

Kent 1951-1964

Kloss Video 1981

Magnavox 1948-1976

Magnavox (Philips) 1976 to date

Marantz 1992 to date

Matsushita (Panasonic, National, Quasar, Technics, Ramsa) 1959 to date

Mattison 1949-1968

Mercury-Pacific 1950-1964

Mitsubishi 1980 to date

Motorola 1947-1974

Muntz (Howard Radio) 1948-1973

NEC 1989

Nivico (Nippon Victor Corporation) 1960s

North American Audio 1962

Olympic 1948-1971

Orion 1981

Packard Bell 1948-1974

Panasonic (Matsushita) 1975 to date

Philco (Philco-Ford) 1947-1976

Philips 1976 to date

Philmore 1948-1965

Pilot (Jerrold) 1964

Pioneer 1985

Ravenswood 1962

RCA 1946-1986

RCA (Thomson, recently TTE - Thomson Technologies) RCA markets Scenium and Proscan models today 1987 to date

Sampo 1981 to date

Samsung 1989 to date

Sanabria 1960

Sanyo 1977 to date

Sansui 1987 to date

Setchell Carlson 1950-1970

Sharp 1983 to date

Sonora 1962

Sony 1961 to date

Sylvania 1949-1983

Symphonic 1960

Tatung 1979 to date

Tech-Master 1948-1968

Telequip 1949-1968

Teletronics 1970

TMA 1948-1973

Thompson (Thomson) 1987 to date

Toshiba 1976 to date

Transvision 1947-1967

Trav-Ler 1948-1965

Warwick 1951-1977

Wells-Gardner 1948-1990

Westinghouse 1947-1969

Zenith 1948 to date


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