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Curtis Mathes High Ball Bar Glasses

SET OF 4 VERY COOL RETRO CURTIS MATHES PROMOTIONAL HIGH BALL BAR GLASSES. NEW OLD STOCK IN ORIGINAL BOX. NO CHIPS OR CRACKS WITH GREAT COLOR. GLASSES ARE 3-1/8 X 3-3/8. Don Draper would approve of this wonderful advertisement move. I would imagine that all the "Mad Men" cast would be drinking from them. I knew many employees of Curtis Mathes did so ... You got the set of four when you bought a stereo or television from the Curtis Mathes Showroom's from the 1960's to the 1980's. In the earl 1960's the sell would not only include the set of glasses but also a nice bottle of your favorite whiskey or scotch. If you were a great customer you got a case of your favorite whiskey or scotch.


They stopped doing this in the Bible belt very soon however. Alcoholic beverage distilled from grain may not have been a good thing for a man to come home with with a new stereo or television back then in some areas of the nation. They came in a very nice box which they would gift wrap if the the television or stereo was a gift for a wife or loved one.